Spring load tester WG-3D


Available with specified load ranges:

Load range: 0 - 10   NewtonResolution: 0,0001 N
Load range: 0 - 50  NewtonResolution:   0,001 N
Load range: 0 - 100 NewtonResolution:   0,001 N
Load range: 0 - 200 NewtonResolution:   0,001 N


Also available with other load cells. Retrofit is also possible.


Max length for compress springs: 100 mmMax length for tension springs: 150 mm


The tester WG-3D has two guides with 4 bearings. The movement of the testplates is manual with a lever and has an additional fine adjustment screw. Testplates dia. 45 mm. Tests of free length, block-length, load at length, length at load, rate, load/length and rate/length diagramm are possible. The results can be archived or exported in Excel format to other CAQ systems.