Loading Device by Robot RB3

Loading device for cycled loading plates RB3

Rapid reaction and conversion times can be realized with the loading device model RB. This makes the automatic loading of grinding machines also interesting for small and medium-sized quantities. The springs are separated by an integrated drum conveyor model TF with linear feeders. The loading is done directly via a handling robot.

Easy and intuitive handling of the robot by direct "teaching" of the robot position. The handling robot can carry weights of max: RB3-3kg and has a working radius of: RB3-500mm.

The number of tracks is two by default. More tracks are possible.

The integrated drum conveyors can feed springs with diameter of max: TF300-12mm, TF450-12mm.


wire diameter 0,8-1,5mm
spring outer diameter d 6-12mm
spring length l 10-40mm
l/d ratio >0,8