Tray packing WP

Automatic Traypacking Machine WP-1, WP-2

The empty honeycomb packing cases are put in manual as pile in the equipment. A gripper takes one empty packing case off the pile and places it on a transport belt. Every comb of the honeycomb packing case is filled with a part. At the end of the transport strip a gripper piles up the filled honeycomb packing cases. Then the filled cases can be taken away manual as a pile.


Dimensions of the feeding deviceWP-1WP-2
Width: 1100 mm 2270 mm
Depth: 1000 mm 1400 mm
Height: 1300 mm 1750 mm
Dimension of the honeycomb packing case: max. 300 mm x 200 mm max. 600 mm x 400 mm
Cycle time of feeding: max. 60 cycles / min. max. 60 cycles / min.
Height of the piles: max. 580 mm max. 1000 mm