Flatmaterial Swift BAH-1

Swift BAH-1 for flatmaterial

This swift is controlled absolutely without any contact of the material to the swift.The material that has to be feeded to the machine runs between two sensors where it changes the electrostatic field. If more material is needed by the machine the flat material is pulled up and the distance to pole A is reduced. The swift begins to dewheel the material. The speed of the swift is proportional to the materials distance to pole B. As closer the material is to pole A as faster the swift dewheels the material to feed the machine. With a regulator the speed can be adapted to the input of the machine. If the machine stops the speed gets reduced till the swift stands. The point between the two poles where the speed is zero can be adjusted at the swift.


Technical data:

Power supply:230 V
Power consumption:0,7 KW
Flatmaterial ring inner dia.:app. 170 - 490 mm
Max. height of ring:ca. 100 mm
Diameter of table:600 or 800 mm
Max. ring weight:ca. 80 kg
Speed:app. 0 - 10 rpm