Swift AGH-2.5

Swift AGH-2.5 for wire rings or drums

On the swift AGH-2.5 the wire can be placed horizontal on rings or drums. The swift is designed for continuous wirefeed as well as for intermittant wirefeed. Because of the electronic controlled motor with tensioncontrol the swift guarantees low and to the wirediameter adaptable tensionforces. Beside this there are no additional radialforces on the wirefeed of the coiler. With these advantages you can reach a high accuracy in wirefeed which improves the quality especially on a critical production. Higher production speed of springs can be reached because of the high speed of the swift. The swift has safety barrier connectors and hand-operate device. Large wire storage for high production speed.


Technical data:

Power supply:400 V
Power consumption:app. 1,5 KW
Wire diameter:app. 0,4 - 1,6 mm
Diameter of table:app. 1000 mm
Max. weight:350 kg
Max. speed:80 rpm
Wire accumulator:3,5 m
Guiding wheels:240 mm or 500 mm