Spring Detangler FEW

Springs untangling and feeding

With the integrated detangler springs which were up to now impossible to process automatically can be feed in spring grinders, scragg and testing machines or automatic mounting stations in a production line. With this spring detangler and feeder you have the possibility to change over to a different spring-type without changing parts. You have only to adjust the tangle sensor and the separator that it fits for the required diameter of spring. It can be used with cylindrical, conical and barrel shape compression springs. To handle other shapes or dimensions of parts please contact us. Possibly simple changes of the system can enable the detangling of these parts as well.


Description of function:

The springs are filled into the vibrator feeder bowl manual or over a storage bunker. The vibration moves the springs over the feeding spirals to an adjustable chicane at the top of the bowl which presorts the springs. Afterwards the springs pass a sensor which detects tangled springs. Tangled springs are rejected by an airblast and fall back into the bowl where they are detangled and supplied again over the spirals to the sensor. Detangled springs leave the detangler and can be filled in a tube or can be transported over linear conveyors to the following machine.


Possibilities of use:FEW 200FEW 300FEW 450
Springs with diameter:2 mm - 6 mm4 mm - 12 mm10 mm - 30 mm