Automatic prestressing and measuring machine SM-D

The vibratory feeder brings the springs in a vertical tube. A feed device even lets one spring pass the tube and feeds a round transport table which has six holes to hold the testing parts and gets moved step-by-step in clockwise direction. Having passed the feeder the springs are moved to the certain prestressing units followed by a measuring unit. Having passed all the units the springs are sorted in three definable groups.

The tester has a rigid load frame with a servo drive. It can perform various test sequences either length regulated, load regulated or combined. Tests of free length, blocklength, load at length, length at load, rate, load/length and rate/length diagramm are possible. The results can be archived or exported in Excel format to other CAQ systems.


Automatic prestressing and testing machine SP-1D

0 - 100 Newton
Resolution:0,001 N
Max. prestressing load:100 N
Max. load range:100 N


Automatic prestressing and testing machine SP-2D

0 - 1.000 Newton
Resolution:0,01 N
Max. prestressing load:1.000 N
Max. load range:1.000 N


Also available with other load cells.

Max. spring length:80 mm
Max. spring dia:28 mm
Max. speed:3.000 parts per hour