Torsiontester TG-19D

Automatic torsiontester TG-19D


Available with specified torqe ranges:

Range: 0 - 5.000 NmmResolution: 0.1 Nmm
Range: 0 - 10.000 NmmResolution: 0.1 Nmm


Automatic torsiontester TG-19D for test of left and right coiled torsion springs. Dynamic or static test of torsion springs. Various tests can be performed at predefinable testspeeds. Torque at angle, springrate, average test between loading and unloading testdirection can be tested from the angle/torque diagram. All tests can be stored. ASCII, EXCEL and WORD export is possible and can be configured on own demands. Auto tara function for torque is built in. Printout with histogram, angle/torque diagram and statistic results is possible.