Spring tester AFP-6D

Automatic spring tester AFP-6D for dynamic or static tests


Available with specified load ranges:

Load range: 0 - 100 NewtonResolution: 0,001 N
Load range: 0 - 200 NewtonResolution: 0,001 N


Also available with other load cells.


Max length for compress springs: 100 mmMax length for tension springs: 60 mm


Automatic Springtester AFP-6D for dynamic or static tests of compression or tension springs. The tester has a rigid load frame with two guide bars and one precision ballscrew. Testplates dia. 45 mm. It can perform various test sequences either length regulated, load regulated or combined. Tests of free length, blocklength, load at length, length at load, rate, load/length and rate/length diagramm are possible. The results can be archived or exported in Excel format to other CAQ systems.