Spring load tester WG-21


Available with specified load ranges:

Load range: 0 - 10.000 Newton Resolution: 1 N
Load range: 0 - 20.000 Newton Resolution: 1 N


Also available with other load cells.


Max length for compress springs: 770 mm Max length for tension springs: 670 mm


The spring-tester WG 21 is for the test of compression - and tension springs. The moveable testplate is guided by two bearings. The motor drives two precision ball screws which move the upper test-plate and has an absolute length measuring system. The upper testplate can be replaced quickly by drilled plates for testing springs on a pin or tension spring hooks.  The testplates have a diameter of 250 mm.
The testspeed and the testlengths are programmed at the touchscreen display. Up to three testlengths can be programmed in automatic mode. The results are displayed on the touchpanel and
can be transferred to a PC by the data-output.
In manual mode the testplate can be moved by arrow-keys or direct input of the testlength.