Spring load tester WG-4


Available with specified load ranges:

Load range: 0 - 100 Newton Resolution: 0,001 N
Load range: 0 - 200 Newton Resolution: 0,001 N
Load range: 0 - 500 Newton Resolution: 0,01 N


Also available with other load cells.


Max length for compress springs: 250 mm Max length for tension springs: 300 mm


The tester WG-4 has two guides with 4 bearings. The movement of the testplates is manual with a lever and has an additional fine adjustment screw. Two length stops can be set up for batch tests of springs. The TFT Touchscreen unit has a RS 232 data output to give the load values to a PC or SPC system. The length measurement by an incremental ruler has a resolution of  0,01 mm. The testplates have a diameter of 45 mm and are adjustable in parallelity.