Grindingmachine FSA-2

To produce and grind springs in one operational step

For the automatic production of grinded compression springs, through feed grinding with CBN grinding wheels and step by step loading plate.

This grinding machine can be coupled directly with a <link produkte federproduktion federwindemaschine-fwm-1 internal-link internen link im aktuellen>spring coiling machine.


Grinding wheel diameter:250 mm
Cutting speed:up to 50 m/sec
Loading plate diameter:225 mm
60 holes single-row:separation 6°
Wire diameter:0,3 - 1,2 mm
Spring De:max. 10 mm


For larger diameters the loading plate has to be manufactured with a different pitch.


Spring L0:max. 100 mm
Spring L0:min. 1,25 x Spring dia
Grinding capacity:max. 80 springs/min.